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Monday, March 19, 2012

When the wind blows

Some parts of the valley had hail stones collect to cover the ground, we had a nice long set of showers as people in the northest were enjoying sunshine and springlike conditions, and it was so nice to burn a few more logs in the fireplace while enjoying the afternoon.

I do lots of second marriages, some widows, some divorced. I do not believe marriage is a holy sacrament and cannot be dissolved. The RC church has done untold damage with that view. Jesus, I am told, was tightening up the Old Covenant rules when he spoke of marriage and divorce but I think we have misunderstood His emphasis if we go hardline on this.

I performed a ceremony for two really nice people on St. Paddy's Day and I feel that they will be more secure under this covenant contract than just living together.

Just heard of a sweet lady who passed away whose family never quite accepted the second husband into their circle. It was sad. Companionship is sweet, and for some sweet the second time.

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