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Friday, March 30, 2012

More, please; and thank You for thus far

A meditative flower arrangement at Rainbow acres in the growing barn.

I had an early morning breakfast at Denny's with friends. This is the Denny's where I had my first heart problem in 2000, it was a walking heart attack OK, but like a dummy I ignored the signs.

Attack #2 was 2007, in the middle of the night, in which I showered and drove myself to the ER. Dummy again, duh!

Attack #3 was one year ago April Fool's Day, afternoon after returning from the driving range after hitting a bucket of balls, no fool this time, I called 911. Began a relationship with a new cardiologist since I went to the nearest hospital where my old cardiologist does not practice.

Intervention #1 was one month later, when he opened a narrowing artery in the widow maker artery in the rear of my heart.

Intervention #2 was in December when I failed a stress test and had more work done.

So, at Denny's I thanked God for another year, even though 2011 was not a good year medically. Then I thanked Him for the medical interventions and the nutritional and supplementing advice I have added to my fight against heart disease. Thirdly, I drove through my old neighbor hood where I lived for seven years with such pleasure.

I thanked God for those years and that beautiful roomy house on the cul-de-sac. while realizing that in my life I often have to give things I love up, as I will one day give up my life in this present realm. So my fourth prayer was a prayer for more time to enjoy, preach, teach, see my family grow. Amen, Amen.

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