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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Gym to Grocery Shock

Working out in Maui. 2010, can't wait for summer vacation to have more vaca pics.

Our Saturday hour at the gym is pleasant, not crowded, relaxed. I always observe the newbies who have waited too long to start getting in shape and I applaude their efforts to learn to move and stretch and lift heavy things.

I notice the progress of many that I see month to month, and the work ethic of young men and women who are fit and want to stay that way. Its a good thing.

Then I go to our large grocery with Laura to stock up a bit for her return to the world of elementary school, and I cannot help but notice the obesity, the extreme lack of muscle tone, the poor buying habits.

I sometimes wonder in the judgment if we are shown how much better our life would have been if we had maintained the temple with more good habits and physical effort.

I am loving the philosophy I get from some of my educational sites that stress the joy of moving, the freedom of physical lifting and stretching without turning the whole thing into a dreary drudge. I struggle to get there from time to time but always enjoy the time and leave thankful for my health.

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