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Monday, March 26, 2012

No little people, No little places

These are not little trees.

This was a Francis Shaeffer title I have always loved. I spent some time digitizing photos from Jim B.s family snapshots to make them large and project something of the journey and joys and sorrows of one man.

It is like the subtitle of this blog, every persons life impacts so many others that the world would be a different place if we were not born.

His family paid high tribute to his integrity, hard work, passionate play and loving committment to his wife as she lost her health.

Just a handful of our church folks came because they did not really know Jim like his neighbors and me, his pastor. I guess this is why my position gives me such a sense of the big picture in the body of Christ. Jim was not a Christian leader, a deep thinker, just one of the sheep, but he lived, he really lived, because he loved those around him.

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