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Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Flute Lesson

This is the week of Irish and Celtic Music for me, in preparation for St. Patrick's Day. This is an Irish Wooden Flute we heard last year.

Daniel P. left America to return to Romania, with a 90 percent pay cut, to encourage the churches in his country, to evangelize, to serve God as a lay preacher, the son and grandson of preachers, with Ramona, his wife, involved in a medical and dental ministry.

Eight years ago he began learning flute to play with a church orchestra and the passion for the instrument caused him to study and practice until today he is widely respected by his ability to interpret a song with feeling and skill. I agree.

After playing with his professional level instrument he played with the student level flute I bought for my daughter 25 years ago, and it sounded wonderful.

Romania has deep problems with the lack of jobs in the rural areas, a low standard of living, a loss of young people desparate for better opportunity, but still work to be done, and Daniel and Ramona have the heart, and his flute brings in crowds to hear his wide variety of songs, and then to hear a message of hope.

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