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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A conflagration of crazyness ahead

You can feel the tensions rising, the stakes of this election have partisanship boiling and race relations reeling. The 24 hour news cycle churns the pot, the instant connection to everything world wide makes the changes more fearful.

The Mayan calendar clicks to the end, the end times books have found America in the book of Isaiah, and I can't stop hooking my golf ball to the left. All signs....

......that I may need to stop reading my instant news feeds, the prime part of the election news, and just sit quietly before the Lord while I ponder the need to stock up my cabinets with staples, or just trust that this mania will subside.

My whole ministry career has been overshadowed with "millenial madness".

Is there a little country church, filled with people of all ages, where I can live out my days tending a backyard garden and walking in the woods and sitting by still waters???? He dreamed, wishfully. I would probably miss my Xoom.

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