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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Let your speech be gracious

Take the high road when possible.

Rush Limbaugh is in the news. I listened to him faithfully in the late 90s during the Clinton Era. Very funny and politically savvy. But I really think our speech must be salted with grace if we claim it is the gift of God.

I do not want to pay for lots of things people want the government to pay for, like cancer surgery for life long smokers who have not quit, or stomach stapling for the super obese. But, I also remember how Rush bragged about how easy it is to lose weight when he is a poster boy for rotundaty. Ouch! that sounded ungracious of me.

The vitriol in our divided society can suck Christians into places that compromise our desire to be salt and light.

I also agree with ORielly that the legitimate church/state issue got turned against conservative by turning it into a woman's rights issue.

I am also pretty sure that if either Israel or Iran make a first strike, there will be lots of new crosses in the military cemetery's of the world, and this is the thing Jesus tried to show us a better way about, in speech, in action. God help us.

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