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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Brain Fog

The wife of a friend was going through her High School papers, and others noticed she had drawing skill, so after 40 years she took a class and is a budding late life artist in the field of pen and ink. Way to go! Great work, keep it up.

I am battling a brain overload, or an aging issue, or an organizational struggle, or something.

I have always been a good multitasker, carrying bunches of unrelated thoughts in my mind and having a kind of internal reminder clock that told me where I needed to be and what my to do list was, and all that is eroding lately.

My Zoom tablet reminds me of meetings, but I must remember to put in the dates. I missed a meeting on Saturday that I had reminded myself internally not to miss.

The present demands seems to be erasing rather than prioritizing the other demands.

I started preaching Sunday and forget I had promised our brilliant flutist another song. Gone, erased, and no one stopped me, out of politeness or pity, though I caught some complaints after the forgetful deed.

I am aware of it, and doing more to combat it.........What was I talking about?

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