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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Serendipity of facing north

Sunrise, sunset,sunrise, sunset, quickly flow the day, one season following another...

We have friends who love sitting out in the back yard at the end of the day. They believe that a south facing patio created the most ambiance for the evening sun and for the morning sun as well.

When we bought this home 8 years ago, we were under a time and budget crunch and had no freedom to think of such things. So we found the most acceptable house and bought it. We feel comfortable here although some things were a compromise, like no high ceilings.

It faces south, which gives us a north facing patio, which we use in the spring. Here is the serendipity. In our bedroom we have a large sliding door to the patio, which has nice louvered slats, and our bed faces east, so every morning for the last 8 years we wake up to the rising sun, clearly visible over our side fence and behind the neighbors patio. I cannot tell you how much joy greeting the rising sun and sipping coffee in the comfort of the bed as its redness lightens and another day begins.

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Anonymous said...

I love the fact that my house faces east. I enjoy the morning sun and it warms my living room in the winter.