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Thursday, December 31, 2009

They have an app for that

As we drove from LA to Phx today I watched the blue moon rise over the mountains in all its beauty. We watched Aladdin the Musical in the Hyperion Theatre this year and the Genie, who is always updating his slapstick comments, told Aladdin that he could not raise the dead, but hear that Apple had an app for that.

Thankfully, there is only one application that raises the dead, faith in Christ, and I say good by to 2009 and Hello to 2010 with a continue joy in serving our good and beautiful God.

The Garmin is an amazing travel tool, she piped up and said severe traffic ahead, and she was right, 5.2 miles of creeping along, but she had no solutions. I like the trip summary that even shows you how many minutes you stopped for food and necessities. JTs Iphone was a wizard. He had an app where users are uploading the wait times and problems in the park from moment to moment. Our phones kept us connected and reconnecting everywhere. It really is a whole new world of communication.

McDonalds really has healthy food choices if you choose them.

The Kia Sedona was a true driving pleasure, decent mileage, comfort and safety, and plenty of room for baggage and a family of six.

Disney does a lovely job of handling way too many people, and when it rained those six dollar parkas showed up instantly and saved the day. They add serendipity's all day, like the moment when a light show began on the wall of Its a Small World, and then snow.

The Toy Story Soldiers drive around in an army jeep and put on a drum show.

The Characters are so sweet and kind and loving to the little kids.

The Abraham Lincoln Audio Animation is very inspiring, as are the themes that Disney practices in his recognition of achievement.

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