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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Snapshot project

A priceless orange faded moment after I cleaned my new set of irons and cradled my first born as she faded for the evening. That's what photography is all about. Thanks for taking that one wifey.

A kiss at the house party after the wedding. What a treasure she is.

It took me five days and many sessions of grabbing a handful of pictures and placing them on the scanner, but I am done. After culling the "what on earth is that" pictures and the duplicates and realizing that my photo bin also contained memorabilia such as cub scout bear claws and my high school basketball letter, I finally scanned about 1200 bits and pieces of our past. I thought there would be more, but with the scanned slides of last year, there is a pretty good walk through a simple pastor's life.

It also reveals priorities that are unmistakable, pretty much the same ones I struggle with day to day in being faithful and fulfilled. 1. My wife as the greatest and easiest treasure to neglect in life 2. Raising kids 3. Doing ministry 4. hobbies and interests. Thankfully the kid part in mostly through except hoping and praying every day their lives are going well, and trips and visits.

The pictures have been rubber banded and placed in a smaller container as a backup to this digital record, and now with Picasa to help I will further catalogue into the various dates and places as time permits.

The memory is a fascinating thing, I see events and places and instantly can remember the details and faces of the many youth groups I led and outings we enjoyed.

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Kansas Bob said...

I like Picasa.. been using it for years.