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Sunday, December 6, 2009

The joy of owning your first home

In 1990 we became homeowners. I was 40 years old. After living in two church owned properties and a couple of rentals we got a down payment gift from Laura's wonderful mother and bought a completed spec home in a completed neighborhood. 1760 sq ft four bedrooms with a great room and a separate living/dining room. We loved it. Brand new, never lived in. A nice roomy hall connecting the bedrooms.

This pic was taken yesterday. It became a rental after we sold it and is showing some wear, and the unfortunate result of me deciding to top off the tree I planted for some strange reason. It stopped going up and went sideways. the kids walked to elementary and junior high, we could walk to a drugstore and other shopping. Even though we had to rent it out for our brief stay in Tucson, (I don't want to talk about it), we came back and did whatever it took to stay in the house until things improved and we were able to sell it for a tidy profit after seven years.

The tax breaks and appreciation set us on the way to one of the great possibilities of financial security.

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