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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Two Special Weeks

That bad Santa is me!!!! The year I served as PTA president at my kids elementary school. They were on to me the minute I entered each classroom, the deep voice was always a give away.

I love the way our year ends. Laura is home for a two week vacation and very much settles into her previous homemaker role. Meetings at Church are on a break except for Sunday Worship. My able office assistant is with her grand kids in Hershey PA, and I am filled up with Christmas songs, memories churned up by scanning our life in photos, and being grateful for people I have known and loved, for the constant sense of grace I walk in, and for the spices of life, beauty, creativity, peace and good will.

Our tree has no gifts...well, one really nice one...because our gift to our two grand kids and their parents is a Christmas trip to Disney Land. They really decorate the park differently each season and this is the only one we have not experienced. I know some of you think Disney is Goofy, but for some reason, we just let the magic change us. We buy into the nostalgia of a happy past that drove Walt to create so many movies and memories for us. We let the stories of Pinocchio and Peter Pan bring back the joys of childhood as we see the wonder and laughter of our children's children. We love the walk back and forth to the hotel, we love McDonald's breakfasts, we even love eating at that huge and less than clean Denny's outside the main gate, where we rest our walk weary bones. Camera's in hand, I will make more memories for those decades ahead when age closes my frontiers. Until then, we are off and running.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Santa!!

I know just where that one was taken. We spent many good times there...

Merry Christmas!