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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Disney in the rain

Well now that was an experience. A steady misty drizzle pretty much all day. It thinned the crowds a bit, but those of us who parted with a chuck of change for a three day pass are not about to let the weather dampen the fun. Lots of slipping and looking for dry places to sit, but our Disney Christmas 2009 was a great family time together. We made lots of memories. Rode lots of rides. Saw lots of beautiful thematic touches to the park, and the ever present spirit of Walt, who believed in hard work and America to make your dreams come true. We heard lots of great Christmas hymns woven into the music, and felt the kindness, goodwill, consideration and friendliness of most all those working for and attending the park, and oh, America desperately needs to go on a diet. No offense, but its a real problem for many many folks. Now to get back to the gym.

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