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Friday, December 18, 2009

Embracing Others in your world

This is a picture of me starting a new ministry with two pastors and two elders. I looked healthy but I was a bit of a wreck emotionally during that time.

Every conversation you have is a window into another persons world that you get to experience. Lunch with a man deeply rooted in Washington State, giving a ride to a friend explaining life in a small southern town, listening about a church life that is different than yours. Watching a slide show of a medical mission trip to the mountains of Nepal which shows the dress, the diseases, and the poverty of children who are still able to laugh with glee when batting around a crude ball.

I marvel God can take all this vast humanity in His heart, and hear the heart languages of people as different and yet as similar as every human being on this earth. Listening to vocabulary in a language foreign to you and common to massive groups of people and wondering why they call an orange...... naranja?????

We all end up plopping ourselves down somewhere and living out our lives day by day, but how interesting, how enlivening it is to be listening and learning from everything and everyone around you. Not trying to push everything into your understanding, but expanding your understanding as your knowledge of reality grows. Its called living in relationship, and God longs for it, and so do we.

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