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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The joy of technology

Today I bought a Canoscan 100 Lide Color scanner to take all those thousands of snapshots sitting in a huge plastic container and giving them back to my family through the digitizing process. They are scanning beautifully.

The kids would occasionally rifle through them, but I have not looked at them for years. Now, I will be able to organize them into years or places or events. Beware, anyone from my past..... you are fair game for the blog now! Can't wait to show Michale F at a high school retreat.

The nature of scanning, like fitting several pictures in at once, makes many of them come out up side down and sideways. If any of your know how to change the orientation of pictures in the uploading process in blogger I would appreciate a note. It is amazing that a picture taken with a simpler camera and them scanned can pick up the detail like this helicopter flight over Kauai on our 25th Anniversary.

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Andrew said...

Go to whatever folder you are scanning them to, then look at the pics in thumbnail mode. Hold the CTRL button down and select the ones that need to be rotated. then right click on one, and the rotate clockwise or counter clockwise should be available. Click that, and they will all get rotated.