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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sweet Cousin Sherry

Back Row: Tom, Millie, Dara, Sarah
Bottom: Laura, Sherry

I remember my Uncle Tom and Aunt Millie as the coolest folks. Tom had stories of serving as a fire marshal at the Indy 500 and pulling men from crashed vehicles. Millie was my mom's youngest sister and Dad loved to tease and flirt with her.

Sherry stayed close and when she met Dara invited me to come from Jackson MS to Indianapolis for the wedding in 1981. I saw the pictures shortly after this shot was taken. The exact same Pulpit Robe was in my suitcase this time around. Over the years Sherry and Dara stopped by our ministry homes, while Dara spent 30 years in the same Ford plant, overseeing brake assemblies and steering columns for many. many vehicles. Sherry raised her twins, encourage Tim's talent in piano and Sarahs dancing and performing in the Band Precision Dance Squad.

The modest ranch home in Wanamaker saw the addition of two large family rooms so their house was the place for the teens to gather. Dara has the most fun loving and warm personality I have ever met, and that's not whistling dixie to affirm. They lived and worked and worshiped and played in the same community Sherry was born in. I have had the moving around kind of life and I have some real envy for their rootedness. The kids thrived in that atmosphere, Tim is a concert quality pianist who is working toward being a CPA, Sarah is an environmental engineer, who will join Adam in Norvolk Va, as he is an officer in the U.S. Navy stationed aboard the U.S.S. Winston Churchill. Even the one division in the family, the Indiana U. and Purdue rivalry has added to the spice that makes this such a wonderful family. Thank you Dara and Sherry for welcoming us back so warmly.

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