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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Joy????? of Home Improvement

Our 1989 Sun Lakes Ranch has been owned by us for five years. We have painted every interior room, the exterior, taken down a large mirror over the fireplace, and this week we are having the popcorn ceiling removed. It always starts interesting conversations....what's wrong with it?....whose idea was it to make this stuff popular anyway.

It is a huge job for a two man crew. Tape, drape, water, scrape. Allow it to dry overnight, clean up, finish up, mud the cracks and dips.....Drape again and spray the new texture, a more acceptable orange peel, then clean up the over spray, and then two coats of ceiling flat.

In the near future.....we are removing the wet bar, which I guess was considered an essential feature of an active retirement community, but for us it holds an old stereo. So we will recapture 12 square ft of living space for our great room.

Then, the biggy, new tile or wood floors and a new kitchen...not this year.

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http://scaredofhell.com/ said...

Well, the two man crew did a bang up job! :)

Good to hear from you at scaredofhell.com, Don!! Thanks for the link. We haven't been to many conferences lately...I'm sure the one in Colorado springs had to be good.