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Monday, October 6, 2008

Not my Mega Church

It's hard not to appreciate success. There are three mega churches within five square miles of my home. Each reached this stage of church growth through different methods. This church targeted this growing area and had a large advertising campaign. On opening day they gave every family a ballon and they inserted the church address and their name. The farthest helium flight that called back won a trip for the finder and the ballon owner. They had a thousand at that service. Now they have built this new sanctuary with a coffee bar and all the bells and whistles.
I think one of those ballons made in to south carolina!

I am really impressed by the late afternoon and evening worship that attracts so many who enjoy relaxing on Sunday Mornings. When they desire to grow they have a day with a sports or movie star. When Jesus visited it was standing room only all day. Jim Caveziel is the real thing, well...not really Jesus, but as close as you get.

There has been a lot of ink generated on the long term impact of this model of church growth. When I came here to plant churches we thought about faithfulness and discipleship. So much has changed in the attractional model. Its not for me, and meanwhile, I feel a tiny twinge of envy when I pass, and I probably shouln't, I just don't have the energy to keep something that huge running smoothly, even with a mega staff and mega voluteers and mega music and mega programs and mega coffee......an so on.....You have any thoughts or experience in Mega Church?

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Andre & Mary-Anne Rabe said...

Hi Don,
I'm always encouraged by the value Jesus placed on individuals - the woman at the well, the night-time conversation with a scholar and best of all - only 12 guys (mostly uneducated) entrusted with taking this gospel to the world. For myself - I'm more impressed with the quality/content of a message than the container. I think its when we lose a message of substance that we need to decorate the container to draw attention.

In His Grip - Andre