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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Going Uptown with a proper English Gentleman

Allen and Heidi live outside London. He works for the Indianapolis Ford Plant as an engineer helping resolve problems in the London Ford Plant. We played chauffeur in Daras Huge F 150 Truck. It was delightful beyond words. Allen has an insatiable interest in life and engages everyone in conversation to learn more. Heidi is the perfect complement of wisdom and practicality that eccentric and bookish men need. We loved comparing customs and political views and sensing the struggles and disintegration of English culture through their experiences. They love to travel, take walking vacations, and are as I write out in the west touring Vegas, Death Valley, and the Grand Canyon with the Amlungs. They feel like family now.

We spent two hours in Indys center city, which we shared with 50,000 FFA teens from all over the US. They were a polite group by in large and gave me hope for the future that farm kids and small town values still exist. We enjoyed a dog halloween event, and of course, I bragged about my relationship to the former govenor of the State, Thomas A Hendricks, whose statue bore a resemblance, at least in my kooky mind. As always you can click the photos for a larger view...so you can see the Devil's Dog.

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