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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cherish the Ladies Concert Report

Cherish The Ladies performed in Scottsdale tonight. Led by flutist/whistler Joanie Madden this group has been together 20 years, has over ten CDs, and plays some of the best Irish Traditional music you could wish to hear.

The Arts Center is closed this year so we were in a venue nearby that had about 400 seats, and mine were 15 ft from Joanie, eye level. We heard a number of her own creations, and enjoyed very talented step dancers throughout the evening. The Irish soloist sang mostly sad melodies with a hauntingly beautiful voice. The reels and jigs lifted up the crowd who claped and joined in on several choruses.

Joanie's boisterous humor and introductions, explanations, and teasing kept everyone laughing. The Scotch pianist spoke with such a heavy accent that Joanie teased her and she replied, they understand me Joanie, Im in Scotts.....dale. Funny.

There were a few boo boos which added to the authenticity, and she made the whistle truly sing. A beginner like myself can see the potential of this powerful and simple instrument. I could not tell the whistle maker, it was dark with polished silver joints and a long fipple. She played mostly high D and some G or F whistles.

Two and one half hours with a fifteen minute break, each artist had her moment to shine on a number of songs, the lovely guitarist Mary Coogan was celebrating her fiftieth birthday.

Laura and I completely enjoyed it, and were invited to come to Fibber McGees on Sunday to play along with the local irish trad lovers. I have been playing over a year and I am still pretty bad, but I am ready to start playing with others. If they get to your area you should go and enjoy this.

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