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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Old truths needed in these new times

My studies meander through streams of historic truth, and from time to time I stop by a clear pool of truth and drink deeply to be refreshed spiritually.

I was blessed to discover or rediscover the Perichoresis teaching thank to Dr. Baxter Kruger perichoresis.org

The word has the implication of a mutual dance, and speaks of Incarnational Trinitarian truth of the kind that was defended by Athanasius when he defended the trinity against arianism.

It emphasized the incarnation of Christ as a loving saving act far more important than the brief shout out we give at Christmas. God taking flesh was saving all flesh, honoring all flesh, dying for all flesh, and raising all flesh from the dead.

I ordered and read The Great Dance-The Christian Vision Revisited and was blessed.

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