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Monday, October 20, 2008

Free to rest, free to play

Dear blog readers, I have brought up this Sabbath issue over the last few posts to share with you the struggles of living together as Christians. We all have scruples of some sort. Do we drink wine or beer? Do we dance? Play cards? In a confessional church when a scruple is raised to the level of an article of faith then everyone has to obey or at least explain why he does not to those who oversee the faith and practice of the church. As things went on in that fellowship, almost every minister stated an exemption to this particular teaching, to the point that the church should really have reexamined her understanding of this rather narrow Scottish point of view.

From this came my own willingness to "be always reforming according to our understanding of the word". Be willing to reexamine a practice or a teaching. Be willing to listen to anothers point of view. I used to tease my teetotling friends by asking them how they felt about being the weaker brother in the issue of drinking, and they mostly thought they were the stronger brother for thier convictions.

This helped me when it came to dealing with the second huge point of contrarian opinion that popped us in my ministry. Which I will deal with in the next few posts, shall we call it..........Left Behind.

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