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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Moving to a position of trust

Have you read Greg Boyd's The Myth of a Christian Nation? I remember being surprised when I heard about a huge part of a megachurch pastors congregation leaving after a series of sermons. He is a brilliant thinker whose views represent a far deeper tradition that that which currently holds conservative Christians together. Check out his website. I am challenged by his blog insights and share his passion for getting to the core of theodicy and the problem of God's character in the old and new covenant. www.gregboyd.com

With this void of wisdom and the slip sliding away of our economy I found myself moving more closely to his vision of the Christian standing between party passions and sharing a kingdom trust no matter the outcome of elections.

If our retirement planning has become a replacement for our trust in God as provider, and admittedly I am not sure how you discern such a thing, but if we have relied more on the analysis of returns than constantly believing God will sustain us no matter what happens......then in my heart and mind that means I quit grousing and obsessing and cursing Barney Frank and company and go on about my daily life.

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