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Thursday, February 12, 2015

The School of Heart Knocks

Cruising around Kauai years ago, I retreat to the cabin after too many snacks and Mai Tais, feeling the rumblings of sea sickness.

Yesterday I had some breakthrough thoughts as I interact with people who are convinced that my version of the story of the Good News is way too good. They sincerely believe I am leaving out the revenge part of God's character, the wrath O God.

I was with a new friend and he espoused a love for a set of books that I think are unworthy of such regard. He was so at peace and so comfortable with the theological worldview they represent that I suddenly saw no need to try to offer a word of caution and correction.

The conflicts of the earlier part of the day when I tried to make a point about how Jesus statements need to be filtered through his dual role as Israel's judge, messiah, and Paul's vision of Jesus as the Savior of the World. Good stuff they all thought was me being a trouble maker.

Anyhow, the Heart Knocks these attempts at bringing what I see as a maturing of the mind, are becoming problematic as I approach retirement and thinking of how I will enjoy what time I have left, be true to my own beliefs, and yes.....become a kinder, gentler, and less dogmatic kind of teacher.

I am journaling and asking my own heart questions looking for answers and shifts in my practice. BTW, the phrase school of Heart Knocks came from the writings of Jeff Turner, none of which I have read, but whose website I perused when someone quoted him. I thought it was cute.

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