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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Mr. Moon, Moon, shiny silver moon

June 2014, our first view of Central Park, NYC

Got up to get gas for Laura before sunrise and the most beautiful moon was setting in the west. Crisp morning air and silence greeted me as I did the chore, and thought about life and health and freedom.

Had someone pay me a compliment yesterday, or perhaps it was a jab. Discussing my Sunday message on redemption being an agreement between God the Father and the Son, before creation, accomplished on the cross, independent of human response.

Are you the only one saying these things? Does anyone else agree with you? It is a truth that we have lost touch with the Good News that a loving God made the first and permanent move toward humanity in bondage and restored humanities hope with Good News. Somehow we have turned the redemption applied method into a human achievement. Did you know words can hurt you? says the funny Geico commercial, yes they can, but really understanding them can set you free from fear and enable you to love those who have not yet realized Gospel truth.

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