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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sometimes I need to be part of something small

Take the quiet small path and walk slowly, observe it and appreciate it.

I have all my life tended to be drawn to big questions and life changing issues that affect all humanity. I ruminate constantly about good and evil, about injustice and hatred, and love and compassion. I question everything all this time and sometimes I cannot shut down the thoughts. They spin and grow and leave and return and simmer and explode with every book I read, piece of news I hear, or thought I think. My brain seems on constant overload.

It's why I multitask so much, to keep from obsessing. I switch from one little task to the other to keep my self in mental movement.

That is why sometimes I need to stop thinking about the big questions and just concentrate on the small world immediately around me. The beauty, the quiet, the insignificant but pleasant diversions of a normal day. It takes a purposeful effort to leave the big questions and live in the smallness of today, here, now.

On my office wall I stare at some scripture verses done artfully, a few favorite sayings in needle point and my 12 inch digital picture frame with over 2000 special vacation moments that also can take my mind off the big thought to some special memories captured. And there next to is is Van Gogh's Starry, Starry Night. Ahh, relax, live in the moment for a moment.

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