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Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Prophetic Teachers?

A Sandy Beach sunset in Rocky Point Mexico.

There is a small movement within the larger Charismatic movement that focuses of spiritual gifts of dream interpretation, words of knowledge, and prophetic worship. Its kind of like the wild child of the Vineyard Movement. Yesterday they lost a leader to cancer and the movement has been mentioned by several of my facebook friends.

They all mention that this guy had the ability to tell things about them and conversations they had with startling accuracy and then give them concrete direction. Thankfully this man had a major emphasis on character development, but I am still burned by too many memories of the Peter Popoffs and scam artists in past decades.

Why do I have to pay to hear a guy tell me about God's will for my future? If God has a will for my future no one should be listening for it closer than me. Why hear it from a man whose website has a "support me" button the first in the list of buttons.

It's the skeptic in me.


KC Bob said...

Prophetic ministry is an interesting phenomenon Don. My main beef with it is the celebrity associated with it. Of course one could make a similar point about the celebrity around many Christian teachers.

Don Hendricks said...

Well said Bob, and I join you in you beef about American celebrity preachers, churches, authors and fads and sideroads culturally and theologically.