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Monday, February 23, 2015

Some movies to see and other random thoughts

My cat also prowls outside during the day.

We enjoyed Imitation Game, love historical drama. Now we have some more to see.

One day last month we turned on the heat and wondered if it was not functioning well, as it went cool after half an hour. We have not used the heat since. A whole winter without turning on the heat. Wow. Will have it checked out before spring because we cannot and will not survive the desert without A/C.

Somedays I get tired of thinking about Islam. They only exist for me on the news and have no effect on my life now. Its the looming doom I struggle with.

I grew up with RC Sproul's teaching and I admire him, I have loved the teaching of Rob Bell and I admire him. Do not make me choose whom to admire when theology wars are incited.

Our old cat prowls all nite and sleeps all day, nothing new, but interesting because nothing is going on at night.

I never know what to do when faithful attenders at church suddenly stop coming, I hate acting like a truent officer and the We miss you contact seems like thats what I am doing.

Now that I have Amazon Prime and Netflix I am discovering the beauty of small films. Everyone gets excited about the big five, But so many films are so well down. Watched one about fly fishing in Oregon in a coming of age, parental conflict and finding first love type movie and it was so enchanting. Think it was called Why Not? but can't remember.

Facebook connected with a Jr. High Friend, now retired. It's surreal to have that opportunity.

That's enough random thoughts for now.

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