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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Did you know words can hurt you?

The youngest beneficiary of our home building work doing her own thing helping to sweep the van.

The writers at Geico are genius's. Year after year they make penetrating memories to direct you to their message. The Loner who has to be alone runs into The End sign at the end of the movie is hilarious. "Jessie?" She says, wondering why he is flat out on the ground and knocked off his horse.

We had a discussion today about the word miraculous. Are answers to prayer miracles? I was arguing for the smaller definition. A miracle is an observable and temporary suspension of a law of nature or creation. An instantaneous healing, walking on water, multiplying food particles. An unexpected check in the mail is not a miracle even if the timing is amazing and needed. It still was caused by normal rules. The check did not print itself and mail itself and the bank account was not from the bank of God.

On the other had I am arguing for a larger meaning of the word redemption. Larger than our view that when we repent God redeems. I believe He redeemed everyone at the cross both ways in history, weather they repent or not. This larger meaning of redemption is the very ground upon with undeserved grace and unconditional love operate.

Words can hurt and words can help, but lets work real hard to understand the roots and meanings of the words.

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