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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Jim Jobe Fun Day

This is the kitchen of a single mother in Mexico who makes less that 60 a week. They make do with very little and have no real space to store and keep the place clean.

I have a loose connection to a group of golfers that have played together for many retirement years. I am kind of like their chaplain. They all retired well and travel and enjoy the life that many in a generation just older than mine expected to enjoy. Corporate jobs, regular promotions, large pensions.

Jim Jobe was one of those kind of men who attracted these kinds of friends. A successful fun loving, game playing midwest retiree who loved Arizona. We played golf and enjoyed a wonderful dinner at the home of a good friend, Ross. Almost 40 sweet folks. The golf game featured a different game on each hole. A fun way to score and work together. Prizes were awared from 3M corporation, the company that provided well for Ross and his wife. This was the first golf day to honor Jim who passed during a surgery unexpectedly several months ago. We all miss him.

I am thankful that my love for golf has given me such friends outside my regular church folks. I am thankful that Sun Lakes has neighborhoods and homes that will knock your socks off with ameneties, I mean really fine homes, and then homes more modest like ours, and then downright affordable manufactured homes in our oldest community.

The east coast is locked into a winter blast and we are shirt sleeving our way through an 80 degree gorgeous Friday.

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