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Monday, February 2, 2015

Post 2401

I was joking about American consumerism and the unique experience of Golf and Superbowl week in our state. The weather was bad, someone won the golf tourney on that last nine holes like always, and someone lost the superbowl which allowed someone to win. The half time was gaudy and loud, the snacks and beer consumed and fun had was immense, and the commercials were costly and cute.

It was essential American life and culture....and I love it. The people hauling consumables out of Costco were not buying guns and ammo to protect or kill. We were allowing ourselves to enjoy life without trying to rule the thoughts, hopes, and actions of others.....as long as they respected laws and rights It was all good fun.

Our freedom is precious, and some serious foundations protect it. We began the game singing about our spacious skys and amber waves of grain, which became Doritos, and we heard the rockets red glare of a war to end a divisive time so that huge black college educated men can defend the line and protect talented black and white quarterbacks.

This is America, where I practice my faith and live my life. Let freedom ring, in culture and in gospel. Glad to be back, feeling better on the inside of my spirit.

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