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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Frustrations and Serenity

Buddhists focus a lot on the state of serenity.

Had a discussion with a friend about serenity yesterday. It's an interesting concept, and I am sure some might think it a rather new age idea to be rejected in favor of a word like peace. ie. the peace that passes all understanding.

A state of being calm peaceful and untroubled, is the google definition. We have in the tradition of our faith what has been called the serenity prayer which I love and think is very cool.

If you asked me to be honest would I describe myself as being serene? Well, its a tough question. My answer is...sometimes. I know what it is and am often surprised by it, and it often dissappears for portions of time.

We had a church board meeting last night, which at times went well and at times was frustrating as points of view and issues rose and were dealt with or tabled. If it is true that wherever two are three are gathered in His name he is there, it is equally true that wherever two or three are gathered together these days there are tensions, frustrations, and pressures. It seems to be the nature of modern life.

Earlier in the day I had lunch with a team of volunteers from my church who give a day to help feed and cloth the poor. We have done this enough to make it relaxed and fun. We kid each other and laugh and tell funny stories and reflect on the strangeness of life and circumstances, and it was and is completely enjoyable and not at all frustrating. In that setting where two are three are gathered together for lunch there is serenity.

I like being serene, but sometimes real progress toward serenity lies on the other side of frustration.

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