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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Stacks of Books and messy desks

One of our Mexican sweet children on the Amor build.

Lots of people recommend I read this or that book, some people lend them to me or buy them for me, and I never accept a book without the intention of reading it. Therefore, between my own rabbit trails and my friends I am always by choice and necessity reading several books at once.

If you have never tried this its tricky. The way it works best for me is to keep the paper and hard backs at the office, or only handle one physical book at a time. The true and amazing multitasking takes place on my Kindle, which is why I have no maudlin praise for the look and feel of real paper.

I am reading six different books, and so far my brain is tracking on all of them. My methodology is to read the one that pops us as the most interesting when I am reading, but to keep making progress on the others, giving them some reading time each week till I get them read.

Will I read at this pace and in this matter when I retire? Probably not because many of my readings are project or subject related.

It is one of the pleasures of my life and I hope my brain keeps running as long as my heart keeps beating. The Kindle also turns times when I am forced to wait like doctors offices into productive moments. All good.

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