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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Learning about the Universe

Central Kauai from the road where the doors to Jerassic Park were placed.

I have half a dozen books on my shelf that helped me embrace an old universe over the last twenty years. If that makes me a heathen to you and the tribe you belong to so be it. We enjoyed a video series by Pastor Louie Giglio on his appreciation of astronomy and the discoveries from the Hubble telescope. Amazing and beautiful.

I was blown away by the movie Interstellar and decided to read Kip Thornes book on the science behind the making of the film. He was an associate of Stephen Hawking during his career. I am convinced there is alot more to the universe than we presently know, and I also have embraced by faith that the one we call God created it. I am not threatened by any scientist who struggles with that, I am not their opponent or their enemy. I see science and theology on the same task using different fields of study.

The secrets of the universe and the beauty of our planet reflect the glory of God the creator and it felt good writing about it today.

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