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Saturday, December 3, 2011

A cold and rainy Saturday

Shannon resting after a long shopping spree with Mom and Grand Mom. The 2011 Version of our Christmas Tree and the new decorative mirror Laura bought.

Am reading Scot McKnight's book, The King James Gospel revisited and he echos so many of the things I learned from Dallas Willard and others on the reduction of the gospel to a plan of salvation that is private and works like "sin management" software where we get a code label so Jesus can scan us and tell who is in and who is out in a crowd.

The gospel is about a King and a kingdom, rooted in the story of Israel and fulfilled in the story of Jesus, He is the gospel, He is the life, and He is the presence of the kingdom that is here and coming. We are called to follow Him daily, in a costly way that cannot be hidden, and be willing to invest our present lives in things that bring justice, peace and mercy and redound to our life to come.
Good thoughts for Christmas time.

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