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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Change we can't live with

This chuck of land used to belong to the coastline of Hawaii, but got stranded all alone.

All change is difficult. Risky something for the future, breaking a harmful habit, facing the inevitable decline we feel in aging.

The church is changing, society is changing, culture is changing, I am changing.

Some changes are worth resisting, some cannot be resisted, some should be embraced.

I have an acquaintance that left her marriage and her faith, reached out from traditional beliefs to a broader new age type of spirituality, and found it equally frustating. At this point she is only sure on one this, that she is living and still alive, and still about to live and love and experience the daily reality she faces.

That's enough of an anchor is times of great change.

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Kansas Bob said...

I posted on change today too Don! Great minds think alike - sort of. :)