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Saturday, December 10, 2011


Shannon and I drove around the lake in the golf cart and stopped for a photo.

It's a beautiful Saturday in Phoenix. I am on that last leg of a cold, last night I slept propped up with pillows so I could breath. Ah, the common cold.

I am looking forward to the presentations of our Cantata tomorrow with over 40 voices and a dozen orchestral instruments. It is a modern rendition by a very talented composer who weaves the Christmas themes old and new together with some great styles and a very meaningful message.

Since we are under a rapture watch, I have been watching a few apocalyptic movies during my sick time. In the film "Knowing",Nick Cage is a widower and a preachers son who finds out the hard way that we live in a predetermined pattern of history.

Lots of biblical images and struggles with science and faith and calamity and a moving sort of angelic rescue to restart humanity elsewhere. It's dramatic and thought provoking.

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