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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

GIGO leaves a lasting residue

This is me, dressed in dark clothing, trying to look slender for a photo, and it is not quite working.

Garbage in Garbage Out was a computer concept from the early days of programming I think, and it is also a spiritual truth in the physical and spiritual realm. My body has been treated to many sugary treats, and some second helpings this week, and my body dutifully tries to deal with it, but some calories get packed in the storage zone and now something has to happen to get those guys burned up.

What we put in our minds and hearts leaves a residue of sludge if we think and react poorly as well.

We are not and will not be perfect in this life, but I love the phrase Peterson shared in his book on Psalms, "a long, slow, obedience in the same direction".
Just get back on the right path and keep going.

My messages this January will be developed from the theme, "He knows our weaknesses".
"touched with the feeling our our infirmities" the old KJV put it.

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