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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Heart Health

Vacation blessing and nightmare.

Had a six month check up with my Cardiologist and had a good EKG readings, stable heartbeart, clear lungs and carotids. I have scheduled a Stress Test as all my heart incidents have been asymtamatic, meaning, no warning signs preceding the actual blockage event. It is the only way to see arterial closing and plaque buildup.

I am really working on the attitude of making each day a gift and cherishing life.

We have a major stressor going on with our time share on Kauai, which has been a problem since we bought it 10 plus years ago and is now a major problem. The present management company has decided to pass on 65 million dollars of repairs to the owners. This will push our nightly stay cost way up. What a disaster for so many who actually believed they were purchasing future vacations without inflation. It was a lie, a damned lie and we are trying all legal methods to get rid of this albatross, and are close to some less legal methods. Any ideas out there??

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Anonymous said...

Know that the time share is a stress and sorry. Sorry to read from G. that you indeed have a cold--hope it will pass quickly--if not, enjoy the other voices at the Cantata!
Made it to Van Horn TX today after a slow start being behind a wreck east of Sun Lakes and taking an hour to go the first 30 miles! Eden