Hawaii 2010

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Friday, December 23, 2011

Laura begins her two week break

My bride, the Christmas before we married. We have our 37th coming next month.

She's home and we slept a bit later on my day off. Headed to lunch with Eddie and Jill whom we have known since college. God has been good to both of our families and lots of living was enjoyed.

Hawaii has been much on my mind as I join a group wrestling with the management of my timeshare. Someone showed a sales piece I distictly remembered about the advantages of owning versing using hotels to vacation. They said we were "prepaying" and inflation protecting our future vacations. OOOH Yeah. The owners have been assessed a fee for repairing the damaged buildings that would make this summers vacation cost me 1000 dollars a night. The owner was a big contributor to Pres. Obama as a resident of the state. Decisions will have to be made soon as to our reaction to all these issues.

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