Hawaii 2010

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The World in Crisis

Above looking down on the countryside of Maui.

I continue to think, reflect, read, and meditate upon the times in which we live. For a number of reasons I do not join those predicting the immanence of Christ's return,though I am ready.... nor do I believe that everything will magically change if we change the party numbers in congress. We are in real economic crisis.

In a few moments a natural disaster sent a country into chaos and a world reeling from the fallout. That is solemn and impressive. I pray for those suffering and those rescuing. I have become convinced in all these things that God desires to rescue us far more than He desires to punish us. He is kind and compassionate.

I have always been convinced that God can bring about His purposes in the world. So, I am watching and waiting yielded and still, and at the same time asking, Lord, what would you have me do to be part of your benevolent New Covenant Kingdom. How can I encourage the church to walk in love?, not in panic, in reaction, in selfishness, in hate.

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