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Monday, March 28, 2011

Kindle Update 3

I now have 14 books downloaded on my Kindle. The Wireless access is so easy that you have to practice self restraint, (as with all conveniences). The search function along with collected reviews really help the process.

A lovely serendipity is the chance to reread books that meant a lot to you long ago. I am reading the Penrod books by Booth Tarkington which thrilled me in elementary school. As I read his stories of a headstrong boy and his misadventures the authors vocabulary is so rich that I can see how reading this helped me develop as a youth, and I can enjoy the drama of his scrapes with parents, teachers, and just about everyone in his life. And it was a free book. I have done the same for Laura, who reads a classic that leads her to another book she wants to read.

I can definitely report that I am reading more, using reading time more effectively, returning to reading for relaxation more than in past years, and....I bought the coolest man purse to haul my day planner, my Kindle, my ipod, and my smartphone around. It was getting to0 cumbersome to keep them in my hand. It's a Targus, like a computer bag but smaller, designed for the IPad.

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