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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Adventures in memory

Me spouting off about something.......

I rely a lot on my brains ability to bring words and thoughts to the place of utterance. We all do. Here in Sun Lakes and in every aging community we laugh and tease about "Senior Moments" when the name, the word, the idea.....just won't come to your brain.

I have been doing it too much lately. And my multitasking strengths seem to be diminishing of late. I can do five or six things at once on a good day, and juggle a number of jobs, tasks and trains of thought, while reading and listening to something.

I got worried about myself Saturday when I put an egg on the stove, and then got in my car and left to run an errand. The egg on the stove left my head, it was gone from my memory, and boy was wifey upset when she got out of the shower and smelled the burn.

I am putting myself on notice, be careful, Dude....Just sayin.

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