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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Who wants to live forever?

This is me, summer before last, 20 pounds heavier, I am working on another 20, and it is not easy, but it is good.

I am talking not about life after death, but long life. One of the driving passions of life is to be healthy. The only show I tape every day is Dr. Oz because I want to learn about healthy eating and ways to improve my overall health.

Sometimes Christians emphasize the issue than the moment of your death is known to God and is therefore inflexible?? The very idea of life extension is ridiculous to discuss.

I think there is more of the sowing and reaping issue in this lifestyle and life extension issue. Yes, even if you walk in front of a bus, you should desire to be in shape, flexible, and as healthy as possible for your own body and genetic makeup.

I guess the kind of funny study just revealed that people who attend religious services are heavier than those who don't might have triggered this post. America has an obesity problem, Christians in America have an obesity problem. I have an obesity problem. Let's not be anymore afraid to discuss how to change it, than we are to discuss heaven and hell.

I am a diabetic, I may have a family tendency towards it, but I may have abused carbohydrates at about a billion fried chicken dinners at church. I do not plan to live forever in this body, but I hope to take care of it with healthy eating and reasonable movement for body and activity for mind, and spiritual exercise for my spirit. Sounds like a plan for abundant life for me.

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