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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Good bye Don S.

Don's mom died recently at 107 and he always hoped his good genetics would work for him. Both of these brothers in the Lord are with the Lord now.

My good friend Don S. missed his tee time this morning. He left this life last night when paramedics responded to a call for help and could not revive him.

He was a huge bear of a man, but a teddy bear, who never stopped teasing and talking with his friends. He was a successful banker with a fine family. He was his wives principle caregiver for many decades as she lived with MS. After her death he became involved with the ministry of Joni Erickson to help get wheelchairs and mobility to those in need around the world.

We teased him incessently when he moved to the ladies..ahem! I mean the Senior tees, and then proceeded to outdrive us and beat us all. It was all part of the fun of knowing this man. He always teased me about the UPS man delivering my sermon to the house on Saturday so I would know what to say on Sunday. I will miss that man. Our Minnasota golfing group has lost another stalwart.

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