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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I believe in the righteous judgment of God

Up to my waist in cold water deep in the jungle of Kauai last summer. It was cold and refreshing after the hour walk and two hour kayak to get there.

When I try to tell people that our traditional understanding of Hell needs reexamining, they assume I have gone crazy and am suddenly completely neglecting massive numbers of passages about God being the judge of all the earth. I deeply love the idea that God will right all wrongs and restore all things.

I believe in Gehenna, Hades, Tarturus, and Sheol, I do not believe in the medieval interpretations of these Greek and Hebrew words and the truth they represent.

I love and respect those who feel the traditional view is correct, I just cannot stay with them in those views. We are both believers in the Gospel. We make agree on more than we realize and disagree on more than we think. History has a way of exposing false understandings. The truth shall set us free.

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Andrew said...

Preach it brother! :)