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Monday, March 21, 2011

Ashes to Ashes

Did the kid pulling baseboard and breaking it behind this piece of furniture know we would have to take it apart to fix it?????

We gathered to place Don S. ashes next to his wives in Valley of the Sun. For the second Monday in a row the weather was miserable. At the funeral it was windy city. One of our ladies in church was leaving a building when the door flung her in the street with a violent opening in the wind.

Today our small partial family ceremony was windy and wet. We enjoyed a final celebration lunch at Don's favorite restaurant, Charleston's, and I had one of the best salads ever.

My construction and painting team are repairing the drywall and baseboards as our new tile and kitchen replacement project will begin in the middle of April.

The super moon and rain in the desert increased my appreciation for the desert and God's lovely creation and sustaining of the universe. My life is far removed from issues in Libya, Japan, but I share the same air, water, and planet, and the same world made new by Christ's light.

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Kansas Bob said...

Thanks for continuing to share about your journey in grief Don. Pray for the comfort and wisdom og the Holy Spirit to come in a tangible way.