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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Love Wins 2

The footbridge in Hanapepe, Kauai. I have visited this place often, on the only navagable river in Hawaii.

I am not a book reviewer, I am a book reader. I belong to no tribe of Christianity, although I carry deep influences from many of the systematic ways of approaching orthodox Christianity. I do believe the family of God has people of differing approaches to key elements and some differences on thing not essential.

When someone thinks a writer has transgressed the key elements then accusations are made and judjments are passed.

I finished Rob Bell's book and found it to be provacative and beautiful in describing the Fathers love, and the reality of fruit bearing.

He breaks boundaries in understanding the doctrine of reconciliation in a broader way. This is based on what I believe is a true understanding of the relationship between this age, ie. time, and the age to come, ie. eternity.

This is the tension and controversy in the book. Traditional Christianity has taught that this life is your chance, your opportunity to repent or face eternal conscioius torment for all eternity. Bell is standing on an older tradition that state that in ages to come the whole world of fallen creation will be restored to the Father through the Son. This is more than a good southern Baptist can stomach.

He does a fine job of presenting this possibility without demanding everyone agree. He has made some hopeful conclusions that keep the purpose of God in Christ unified to the successful conclusion, ie. Love Wins.

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