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Monday, March 7, 2011

Rembering Don S. and Joni

Mississippi Brown Pelicans begging for food on the trip to Ship Island.

I attended a denominational meeting at Biola University in 1988 and met Bill Bright and Joni Earickson Tada in person. I was inspired. I had followed Joni's story from the beginning, the movie, the book, and her subsequent excellent writings, and ministry. She and I are the same age, so I connected with her story of coping and then accepting God's will in her suffering and paralysis.

Don supported her ministry and always shared materials and messages when he went to the donors conferences. He had mentioned me to some of his contacts.

Today they sent two staff members to Don's memorial service, and the staff member is giving me Don's invitation to the next Governor's prayer breakfast in Arizona, where Joni will be speaking. I am thankful and looking forward to it.

Don's memorial was a testament to what a lovable character he was. Lots of good memories of a man who loved his life, his family, and his friends.

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Kansas Bob said...

Thanks for sharing about Don S in this posts and others. I am sorry for your loss Don. I pray that the Holy Spirit will comfort you and Don's family and friends.